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08 September 2017 @ 03:29 am
Aku kembali!
Langsung saja.

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05 June 2017 @ 12:45 am

Murai nge-gombal *blushes*

For Indonesian only.

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Boleh di re-timing. Mohon jangan di reupload.
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25 May 2017 @ 12:52 pm

My queen!

For Indonesian only
Peringatan! Spoiler!

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Ryani Kang
14 May 2017 @ 02:14 pm
Toda cantik banget. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *plak*

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30 April 2017 @ 04:11 pm
For Indonesian only

Lucu banget suara Fujitatsu pas teriak

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26 April 2017 @ 02:25 am
A big thank to [livejournal.com profile] izzyosa75 for letting me use their works.
It's my first time doing this sub project. I apologize, It might be so much mistakes.

For Indonesian only.
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Ryani Kang

IT’S APRIL ALREADY! And May is coming.
I just realized that I have been doing nothing in these past 3 months.

I want to escape from these routines that kill me everyday. The worst is every Wednesday. I don’t have any will to deal with them anymore. I regret my choice to take the offers. I am such a bad person. Okay! I am going to share a review of Arashi 51st Single ˹ I’ll be There ˼


I don’t have a beautiful opening for this review. My brain can’t work properly these days. Let’s jump to the first track!

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I do hope you enjoy the review as you enjoy listening to Arashi’s newest single album ˹ I’ll be There ˼. I do wish you have a nice day!
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Ryani Kang
21 February 2017 @ 06:15 pm
Good Evening Everyone!
I do hope you have a nice February!

Here I am bringing a new cover song. I bet nobody would be excited of it.
Okay, I am just sharing it to you guys. You don’t need to listen to it if you don’t want to. But, if you want to listen to it, I’ll warn you. I won’t take any responsibilities if there will be something happens with you. You may get dizzy and headache. You may have nausea too LOL (I think I’ve seen that kind of warn on medicine’s label LOL)

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Ryani Kang
02 January 2017 @ 07:28 pm
I do hope 2017 will be nice to me and you /prays

Here I am coming again. I am just getting bored. I only rolled on my bed and did nothing in these 2 days. Suddenly it came to my thought. I am here to share an album review of NEWS’s NEWS. YAY!

I am interested in NEWS after watching Shige Bibitto when Jun was a guest there. You can say that Shige is my first love in NEWS. Okay, I am more interested after listening to 恋を知らない君へ. What a beautiful song it is! It makes me curious about their music more.


NEWS is an album of NEWS released on 2013. NEWS as 4 members came back with a bright music.

Before starting the review, I warn you 2 things. First! English is not my mother language. Second, I do not have any degree in music. Enjoy!
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07 November 2016 @ 05:31 am
Welcome to my ninth posts.

This post is going to be a review of Arashi’s newest album. YES! I will talk about Arashi’s newest album, Are You Happy?. I decided to make a review of it because I have to write in English more. I just realized how suck my grammar is. I apologize to you if there will be so much mistakes of the grammar and the spelling. I am really sorry. English is not my mother language.

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07 July 2016 @ 08:56 pm
Eight posts. YAY!
I do not know how to start this post.

I owe something to [livejournal.com profile] thelos22. I told her on her birthday that I would make a post on LJ as a birthday greeting for her. I promised her on May 28th. OMG! That's more than a month. I feel so sorry about that.
Could I make an excuse?
So many annoying people to deal made my head was going to explode. I did not have much time to make a post on LJ. I was just checking if there was an update about Arashi (news about them or newest sub hehe)
Excuse is ended.

Before reaching the point, let me congratulate [livejournal.com profile] thelos22 /I know it's late and I do not care
/Is it right to call you like that? Or do I have to call you another name? The name that I usually yell to you hehe
/kicked by Sakumiya fans

Let it get started!
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I do hope you like the present and this greeting.
I apologize if there are so much mistakes, because my English is bad. I need to study English more.

And bye~
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Ryani Kang
Hello everyone ^^
This post will be my seventh post *the sixth was that master post[?] What is it?*

Using Aegisub was truly difficult at first. I did not even know how to drag the subtitle. I was like, "What's is it?", "How do I drag this subtitles?", "How do I put the karaoke effects?". Google did not know what I feel that time. I felt like want to slam the door.
Okay, it is the past. Now is now.
I am sharing what I have done.

Here it is JY PV~ Hope you like.Read more... )

Thank youuuuu
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Ryani Kang
Hello everyone.
Ryani is here.

This post will be a list songs that I've done covers.
I love to sing. I sing everywhere. But, my voice does not good at all. I only do this as my hobby. If I have free time, I will do some cover of my favourite songs.
If you are interested, please listen to it. But, I won't take any responsibility if there will be something happen to you.

Almost covers that I've done was not done by myself. I sometimes do collab with my friends through social media. I have done cover song since I was in high school until now.

Feel free to listen to it. But, once again, I won't take any responsibility if there is something happened to you.
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Thank you for stepping.
I would be grateful if you drop some comments ^^
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Ryani Kang
Hello ^^
How is your feeling today? I do hope you are in good mood.

Today, I wanna share my cover song of .... Kazunari Ninomiya - 虹 (Niji).

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Ryani Kang
28 January 2016 @ 01:31 am

Happy belated birthday Sakurai Sho-san
It is late and I know. It is already Jan, 28th. I do not care.

This post is gonna be my introduction post. I feel so sorry before you read it because of my engrish. /bow/
I will tell you who I am. I will tell you a little of me. I have something you do not necessary know. Forget it! Before I get to the point /imitating Sho-san in Digitalian concert/, let me congratulate my man once again.

Happy Birthday Sakurai Sho-san.
Thank you so much for colouring my world. Thank you so much for being my role model. Thank you so much for being born.
I wish you all the best. Keep to inspire others. Keep to laugh honestly. Do not let your chubby cheeks go [?]

Let me introduce my self.
My name is Ryani. Believe me, it is my real name. I am 95 liner same as Shuu -Sho's younger brother. WOAH! I am 13 years younger than Sho-san. I do not care! I still love Sho-san ©
I am currently a pharmacy student. I hope I'll be graduate next year. Yeah~ yeah~ I have to work harder! YOSH!

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Ryani Kang

This my 3rd posts. I cameback with Arashi's lyric (again). I love this song so much. I hope I can update their lyric more. Oh damn college. Let's check the lyric~

credit : Lyric and English Translation by yarukizero + Bahasa (Indonesian Translation) by miki0430 @ miki0430.livejournal.com
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Ryani Kang
06 September 2015 @ 09:03 pm
This is my first post in livejournal. My friend suggested me join in livejournal. And here am I.
On my first post, I will share translation lyric of Arashi 'Ai wo Sakebe'. Aarghh! No comment for this song. Let's check the lyric below:

cr : Lyric and English Translation by [livejournal.com profile] yarukizero + Bahasa (Indonesian Translation) by miki0430 @ miki0430.livejournal.com
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